Measuring Value

A partnership between the Academy of Philanthropy, Global Donors Forum, and Cass Business School. At GDF2016, Professor Paul Palmer, in his Distinguished Guest lecture, highlighted the need for foundations and grant makers to to reset their methodology for measuring impact.

  • Metrics are getting in the way of measuring the the value and purpose of the initial grant.
  • The measurement is, in the main, being carried out by the beneficiary by non experts.

Professor Paul Palmer’s recommendations

1 – All donors should set aside between 0.5% and 1% of the grant and bringing in independent experts to evaluate the impact of the grant base don’t he original purpose and vision of the donor.

2 – The Value Measure of grants be undertaken by experts to evaluate the impact of the grant based on the original purpose and vision of the donor.

3 – The Academy of Philanthropy create a Database of Evaluations for all stakeholders to view.

While this appears simple, it is also transformational and cuts into the heart of why the Global Donors Forum and the Academy of Philanthropy was conceived. This approach has the capacity to transform the perception of Giving in the Arab and Muslim World, change the behaviour of giving through learning, and, at the same time, increase the impact of the giving.

Cass Business School and the Academy of Philanthropy are launching the “Measuring Value” Portfolio. The portfolio responds to trust issues, value for money questions, transparency, aid impact and tackles allegations of inappropriate use of funds directly. The reporting through independence and expert academic researchers will lead to strengthening the relationship between donor and beneficiary, donor and beneficiary capacity building opportunities, the donor has the option to use the report to scale up the programme, not to mention international marketing and funding opportunities for the project and beneficiary.

The Academy of Philanthropy has, with Cass Business School, developed the portfolio for measuring the value of grants in  Excess of 1 000 000 USD.

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