Call for Chapter Proposals

Submit a Chapter Proposal for our Global Donors Forum 2016 Publication (edited). The working title and the theme for the book is

Philanthropy in the Arab and Muslim World

Redefining Priorities, Resetting Roles

Authors must include the following;

  • Author Name Chapter Title (proposed and linked to the theme)
  • Abstract (200 words)
  • Author Bio (100 words)
  • Draft Chapter (not essential but do send if it is already available)
  • Email to (you can also use the link above)
  • Email subject line: GDF Book Chapter Proposal

The invitation to submit chapter proposals has also ready been made to speakers and delegates at the Global Donors Forum 2016, in Istanbul. In selecting the chapters to include, the editors will be looking for thinking that challenges the current norm of philanthropy. In Istanbul, Professor Jenny Harrow asked “Who will fill the voids when donors reset priorities?”. Professor Paul Palmer challenged the audience by presenting a case of a well known 40 million GBP annual turnover charity in the UK that closed down. The charity was writing it’s own impact reports. This is not unusual. But what if donors, grant makers, put aside 0.5%-1% of allocated funds and invited independent academic experts to evaluate the vision impact of the grant? Dr Mark Salway from Cass Business School presented a new approach to social investment involving women entrepreneurs. Action Aid discussed the challenges of of women in leadership in the humanitarian sector. El Hibri Foundation discussed their work in capacity building as a response to hate crimes. A number of speakers highlighted the legacy of cultural investment of philanthropy There were many more examples of flag bearers who had something important to add to the current dialogue of ‘Resetting Philanthropy’. Make your submission. Please note, not all chapter submissions may be appropriate for this publication. All authors will be notified of selection, draft timelines and peer review feedback once the full book proposal with all the chapter outlines has been crafted and discussed with the publishers.