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Just Over a Year Ago GDF2016 in Istanbul

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London & Beyond: Bridging Cultures to Building Stronger Communities

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Looking forward to seeing all our friends at Cass Business School, London on the 19th January, 2017 (8.00am-11.30am) for our first Breakfast Round Table of the Year in Partnership with Dr Tobias Jung, Director, CSPPG, St Andrews University. ESRC, CGAP, Cass Business School and Global Donors Forum.

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Reinventing sustainability in Milan?

By |October 18th, 2016|Conference, Event|


Great to connect and understand how the fashion industry is partnering with finance and is investing in sustainability – a global and complex issue… Francesca Romana Rinaldi (Bocconi) talks about reinventing sustainability by creating circular economies – this is critical as we tackle child labour practices, limited global resources and human rights to a decent livelihood. So where is philanthropy in the conversation on sustainability- good to see H&M Foundation involved and many big names – but there is a lot of money in the industry – the strategy still looks young and needs to be developed to ensure the investment is for real and lasting change. In fact, if anything, the industry is returning to its roots – heritage rooted nature centred communities that have been creating cloths and clothes using raw and natural materials for thousand of years and are continuing to do so – but how will this balance with the demand for cheap clothes –  particularly from low income countries and less wealthy  communities, the economy of mass production, and market competition? India and Cuba are two very interesting reuse and recycle economies that can provide good model case studies.

Entrepreneur Start ups are coming up in this field – investors are gathering too.

To enrich the dialogue, the move to a sustainabile cycle economy needs the voice of  the donor and philanthropist to balance the views of the profit making economy and provide a wider representation of views, motivations and opportunities which will also expand knowledge and  potential for partnerships. The Knowledge learning from humanitarian philanthropy  and the process of community transition from poverty to sustainable income and inclusive communities would add a richness to the dichotomy of perspectives and guide the development of the strategy towards lasting sustainable models.

I will say, of course, call on the Academy of Philanthropy and invite the donor voice to the table.

Thank you for the invitation and the opportunity. A great evening and wishing everyone success. Everyone in the room is making their contribution towards public good. Together, the potential for change for a beater world is awesome.



Global Pluralism Award

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Do you know anyone you would like to nominate?

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Global Pluralism Award

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Global Donors Forum 2016 Book Launch and Book Signing at the Topkapi Palace

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Tobias Jung and Jenny Harrow launched and signed their book – The Routledge Companion to Philanthropy at GDF2016 at Topkapi Palace in the presence of Royalty and the Mayor of Istanbul. Sensational.



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Professor Paul Palmer at the Academy of Philanthropy, Istanbul

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Action Aid talking about women’s leadership in humanitarian aid

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Resetting priorities in philanthropy

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Academy of Philanthropy Distiguished Guest Lecture – Professor Jenny Harrow

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GDF 2016 happening now in Istanbul

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